Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Dan Liris is about making a positive impact on the people and the surroundings that make what we do possible. We focus on the key areas of improving the living standards of our staff, healthcare, training & education, the environment and infrastructure.

Michelle Tjokrosaputro, President Director

Recognition of Our CSR Impact

We regularly plan, monitor and evaluate the impact of our CSR programmes to ensure that our initiatives are delivered in numerous tangible ways. We, therefore, implement an outcomes-focused approach through training and mentoring so that recipients can develop their skills and talents to provide long-term sustainability for individuals and communities. Engaging our CSR recipients as our partners, we believe this provides potential opportunities to address major strategic issues such as improving employment and living standards

Key Objectives


Providing education opportunities for our employees, their families and the wider community is a central pillar of Dan Liris’s CSR strategy as it is fundamental to personal and national progress.

The Environment

Sustainability is part of our corporate DNA, which in practice means caring for our planet and its resources in a meaningful and impactful way for a sustainable and better future.


Ensuring access to quality healthcare for our employees and their families as well as playing a role in supporting community health through blood donations and vaccination drives is part of our responsibility to the local community.

Ibu Michelle, as the CEO of Danliris, has always said that CSR is our heart. This has become the basis and underlying goal for us when undertaking our CSR programs.

CSR will always be a part of our core activities. The goals, subjects or targets may change or vary, but they will remain rooted in how our presence benefits our community and contributes to Indonesia.

Harrison Silae , General Manager

Sewing Machine Training

Dan Liris has provides a variety of training programs in sewing and knitting skills focused solely on women to provide them with empowering professional opportunities.

Some of the most recent training programs have take place in Semanggi, Tlingsing, Cawas, Klaten and Boyolali in Central Java. During these training programs women learn how to operate professional sewing and knitting equipment under the expertise of Dan Liris’ experienced training staff. The training spans the safe use of the machine as well as garment production techniques that the participants can then use for creating home industry ventures as well as applying for jobs at Dan Liris or other textile manufacturers.

Handicraft Training

Multiyasa Abadi Sentosa is part of the Dan Liris group and focuses on producing handicrafts using sustainable materials. The company organises various initiatives to train people from various walks of life in how to produce quality handicrafts to bolster their future career prospects. A recent example in this area include working with former convicts to teach them various basket weaving techniques including how to create the product structure using recycled cotton bale wire and then weave using fabrics including natural fibres such as water hyacinth and recycled cotton. The result is a high quality product that can be distributed to MAS’s various international homeware brand clients.

Empowering Local Craftsmen

Dan Liris strives to preserve and promote traditional Indonesia textiles on the global stage. To this end, the company works closely with groups of local craftsmen to support them in developing more sustainable practices as well as utilising their crafted fabrics in fashion apparel collections.

One such example is a group of Lurik craftsmen in Tlingsing Village on Central Java who produce the heritage striped Lurik fabric using traditional hand operated looms. The artisans are often elderly men and women who are striving to continue a cherishes crafting technique and to support themselves during retirement.

Dan Liris provided waste cotton for the production of Lurik fabric for a seasonal collection by the modern batik clothing brand bateeq. This project serves to protect Indonesia’s rich cultural legacy within traditional fabrics through raising awareness and appreciation while providing income opportunities for artisans.

House Renovations

Dan Liris seeks to provide its current and retired employees as well as their families with an improved quality of life in whichever manner they require it. Past and present employees can make a request to their relevant division for specific home improvements that they need with the goal of bettering their surroundings to the benefit of their overall wellbeing and in turn, their professional productivity.

Each home improvement project is individual to the specific circumstances of the employee and may include the installation of modern plumbing and new roofing for protection against the elements among others.

I have been working at Spinning Unit 1. from the beginning of 1997 and until now, I requested to Mrs. Michelle’s for help to smoothen my damaged walls and floors, and with the support offered by this CSR, I hope that Danliris and Spinning Unit 1 will continue to be successful and progress even further.

Ibu Pariyem, Spinning Unit I

COVID Vaccination Drive

In Collaboration with Kodim 0726/ Sukoharjo and Apindo Sukoharjo, PT. Dan Liris became a site for mass vaccination efforts for its employees and the community surrounding the Company.

The management of PT. Dan Liris is fully committed to achieving the target of ensuring that all of its employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is hoped that this activity will extend to that of the health of the wider community, because we believe that the health of our employees is also dependent on the health of the surrounding community, and the people who work together with PT. Dan Liris.


People Vaccinated


Doses of Vaccine


Different Cooperating Organisations

Danliris Group supported the vaccination activities undertaken by Hippindo, the Association of Indonesian Shopping Center Retailers & Tenants, of which PT. Efrata Retailindo, which is part of the Danliris Group, is one of its members.

Vaccination efforts were carried out over the course of approximately 1 month, by intensively vaccinating employees and the general public, which took place in De Tjolomadoe, Kartasura.

The Vaccination Program from Hippindo is supported by and is in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, KUKM, BUMN, Central Java Provincial Government, Karanganyar Regency Government, TNI and Polri.

Education Scholarships

Dan Liris believes strongly in the importance and impact of education on improving people’s lives. To that end the company provides a variety of educational scholarships to both employees and their children in order to access the best opportunities and have the best possible prospects for their future.

Clean Water Pipeline

Access to clean water is a necessity for the health and wellbeing of any community, yet for many in rural areas of Indonesia it is still a luxury due to lack of infrastructure development. This is a widespread problem throughout Indonesia, however it is an area in which a little can go a long way. Dan Liris’ presence in the region and understanding of the local situation through its relationships with local governments as well as its employees enables it to identify and successfully execute projects that have a widespread impact.

The construction of a clean water pipelines that was undertaken in April 2023 now provides this precious resource to the residents of Bandungan village, Paranggupito, Wonogiri region.

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