CSR has always been a fundamental pillar of Dan Liris through the idea that the company thrives through benefitting its shareholders and employees, as well as the surrounding community. Each CSR programme undertaken by the company is carefully considered for its long term sustainability and impact with each year bringing about distinct and unique opportunities to make a difference to people’s lives.

We not only support employee welfare, but also provide the necessary foundations for employees to be able to focus on their career development and thereby create a more productive work environment.

Mr. Harrison Silaen ( Director General PT Dan Liris ):

To mark the company’s 49th anniversary, on the 30th April 2023 a water pipeline was inaugurated in Bandungan village, Paranggupito , Wonogiri to provide a source of clean water to residents. The construction of this pipeline was a joint effort undertaken by Dan Liris’s CSR team and members of the community.

Home Renovations:
Undertaking specific home renovation projects for Dan Liris’ employees is an essential part of the company’s philosophy when it comes to how it treats its current and past employees; staff must feel comfortable and secure in their own homes to be able to give their best in their professional activities. This means striving to improve their living standards through modern plumbing, home improvements to protect against harsh weather conditions and other essential measures. This year employees were selected across all units to undertake vital improvements to their homes that benefit themselves and their families.

The Garment Division of Dan Liris has carried out a number of CSR activities over Q3 2020.

Beginning with the Preparation Unit in July 2020, CSR was carried out in the form of providing sanitation facilities and toilets for Mrs. Mudiyem, a Preparation Unit employee who lives in Pajang, Surakarta.


This was followed by CSR activities undertaken by Sewing Units 1A and 1B, by providing working capital assistance in the form of livestock, specifically goats, for Mrs. Sri Handayani, one of the Sewing 1A and 1B employees, in August 2020, in the Sawit area, Boyolali.

The next CSR activity within the Garment Division was undertaken by Sewing Units 2A, 2B and 2C, in the form of house and bathroom renovations. This took place in Juwiring, Klaten, in September 2020 for Mrs. Sri Wahyuni, an employee of Sewing Unit 2A, 2B and 2C.


This series of CSR activities by the Garment Division was capped off with the provision of working capital assistance by the Finishing / Packing Unit which was offered in the form of goats in October 2020, in the Sawit area, Boyolali for Mrs. Sri Mulyani, an employee of the Finishing/Packing Unit.

All of these CSR activities are aimed at helping to improve the standard of living to the benefit of our staff and their families.