About Us


Skilled Workforce

7.5 million

Garments Produced Annually

36 million

Meters of Fabric Annually


Sewing Machines In Operation

Our Values

Danliris’ foremost priority is to serve as a source of joy for our stakeholders, and in aiming to achieve this goal, all members of the Daniris organization must share the same values that we have established as being central pillars to our progress and success.

  • Integrity

    Faithful, to possess the personal qualities of integrity, honesty, loyalty and humility.

  • Intelligence

    Have a strong mental capacity, be knowledgeable, intelligent and creative in finding solutions to problems in a precise and quick way.

  • Energetic

    Possessing the spirit of never giving up, being resilient, persistent, disciplined and responsible.

Our Mission

To be a truly Sustainable Company: Economically, Environmentally, and Socially.

Our Objectives

  • Productive Innovation

  • Sustainable Living

  • Financially Responsible

  • Global Vision

Productive Innovation

Innovating in all its activities in order to compete in the international market. To achieve this, the company must be supported by:

  • Digitization
  • Skills
  • Productivity
  • Research
  • Creativity

Sustainable Living

In running its business, the Company also pays attention to the sustainability of all involved parties. This includes:

  • Wellbeing of Our People
  • Ecological and Sustainable Practices

Financially Responsible

Danliris must be a financially sound Company in order to continue to benefit the various parties that is serves. Therefore, this requires support in the form of continuous improvement in:

  • Profits
  • Sales
  • Cash Flow
  • Costs
  • Investment

Global Vision

As part of the global community, Danliris must stay fully up to date with the latest practices, by applying high standards in terms of:

  • Global Standards of Production
  • Global Standards of Quality
  • Global Markets
  • Global Standards of Facilities
  • Global People