We work closely and in harmony with our local community of artisans and craftsmen to keep traditional crafting methods and fabrics alive to be utilised and appreciated in modern fashion collections

Working With Local Artisans

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We use the latest technology to minimise our production waste and use yarn sizing waste as well as cotton bale wire to produce homeware products through training local craftsmen

Turning Waste Into Opportunities

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Danliris is proud to be run by a female BOD and to have a young workforce that is female driven with over 60% of the workforce being women across all management layers of the company

Young, Dynamic & Female Led

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We source and produce the most sustainable fabrics from across the globe including Tencel, Ahimsa Silk, Hemp, Circulose, Evrnu & Refibra among various others

Sustainable Fabric Choices

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Being A Source of Joy

Danliris' vision is to be a Source of Joy for all its Stakeholders, namely; Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Partners and the Community through prioritising the wellbeing of our staff

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About Us

Established in 1974 in Solo, Central Java, Danliris is a fully-integrated Indonesian textile and garment manufacturer delivering high-quality products to over 20 countries as well as the domestic Indonesian market. Supported by our 7,000-strong skilled human resources and state-of-the-art machinery, we produce a wide range of fabrics through our spinning, weaving, finishing and printing division, in addition to our dynamic garment unit.


Sustainability is imprinted into the DNA of Dan Liris as a core pillar of our vision and mission. We have a number of initiatives underway that utilize waste from the textile production process to produce new yarns and fabrics as well as homeware and other handicrafts.

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Our Heritage

Global Presence


Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company with a longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Danliris carries out effective CSR programmes that bring about positive benefits the local and international community. One of our recent projects was a COVID vaccination drive to provide information and transport logistics to ensure that all members of staff and the local community could access the COVID 19 vaccine.

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Under the leadership of CEO Mrs Michelle Tjokrosaputro and Chairwoman Mrs I.P. Elizabeth Sindoro, Danliris continues to go from strength to strength as evident from our impressive portfolio of local and international brands in addition to our 7,000-strong workforce.

Memberships & Accreditations