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Dan Liris CSR Initiatives for 2023

CSR has always been a fundamental pillar of Dan Liris through the idea that the company thrives through benefitting its shareholders and employees, as well as the surrounding community. Each CSR programme undertaken by the company is carefully considered for its long term sustainability and impact with each year bringing about distinct and unique opportunities […]

Dan Liris Goes to the Para Asian Games

Dan Liris took employees and their children with special needs to the Asian Para Games 2018 in order to provide them with the opportunity to see positive role models of people who have disabilities. The event was attended by 35 employees of Dan Liris and their families as well as President Director Michelle Tjokrosaputro and […]

Community Empowerment Through Sewing Machine Training

Dan Liris has provides a variety of training programs in sewing and knitting skills focused solely on women to provide them with empowering professional opportunities. Some of the most recent training programs have take place in Semanggi, Tlingsing, Cawas, Klaten and Boyolali in Central Java. During these training programs women learn how to operate professional […]

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CSR Activities Garment Division 2020

The Garment Division of Dan Liris has carried out a number of CSR activities over Q3 2020. Beginning with the Preparation Unit in July 2020, CSR was carried out in the form of providing sanitation facilities and toilets for Mrs. Mudiyem, a Preparation Unit employee who lives in Pajang, Surakarta.   This was followed by […]

Batik: From the Fabric of Tradition to A Fashion Icon

Indonesia celebrates 2nd October as National Batik Day, in commemoration of the day when UNESCO recognised batik as Indonesia’s contribution to the world of cultural heritage. Now Indonesians have repositioned batik as a national icon and pride, with the international community also appreciating the fabric and batik as an artform. The art of batik is […]

Dan Liris Receives Two Awards Recognising Its CSR Initiatives

In 2017, Dan Liris successfully attained two awards recognising the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes by Business News as well as the Indonesian Ministry of Health. With longstanding commitment to CSR and community development, Dan Liris is renowned in Central Java for carrying out effective programmes that bring about immense benefits to surrounding communities. […]

Dan Liris Offers Jacquard Woven Fabric Manufacturing Services

Renowned Indonesian textile and garment manufacturer, Dan Liris, has started producing jacquard woven fabric as part of the company’s plans to expand upon its current portfolio of manufacturing services. As a company with a longstanding experience in the textile and garment manufacturing industry, Dan Liris understands first-hand the importance of adapting to the changes and […]