In 2017, Dan Liris successfully attained two awards recognising the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes by Business News as well as the Indonesian Ministry of Health. With longstanding commitment to CSR and community development, Dan Liris is renowned in Central Java for carrying out effective programmes that bring about immense benefits to surrounding communities. As such, the company received the ‘Top CSR Improvement 2017’ award during the Top CSR Award event held in Jakarta on April 2017 by Business Week; the award utilises the ISO 26000: Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility certification as the basis of its awarding system. Moreover, Dan Liris received recognition from the Ministry of Health for the company’s participation in the ministry’s “Healthy and Productive Women Movement” event. Senior-level management members at Dan Liris accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Since its establishment, Dan Liris remains embedded in its mission of ensuring proper livelihoods and quality of life for its employees and local society. It is through this dedication that continuously motivates the company to work towards sustaining healthy financial performance so as to ensure consistency in the implementation of its CSR programmes. Dan Liris has also carried out wide-ranging CSR programmes for its employees that were executed by its Spinning 1, Spinning 2, and Spinning 3 units in early 2017. Among the measures include home renovations, building fully-functional cleaning facilities, and blood donation drives. Dan Liris’ latest awards, therefore, showcases the company’s effective CSR initiatives in pushing for concrete developments for the Central Java region.