Upakarti Award 2020 Awarded to PT. Efrata Retailindo


PT. Efrata Retailindo – subsidiary of PT. Dan Liris – has received the Upakarti Award from the Ministry of Industry in the Pioneering category, for companies that have empowered SMEs. The award was given 10th December 2020 by the Vice President Bp. Ma’ruf Amin.

PT. Efrata Retailindo was founded in 2012, with the bateeq and Batik Solo brands, since inception, it has coached more than 25 MSMEs (local craftsmen and designers) to improve their product quality. To preserve Indonesian culture, Efrata Retailindo support Lurik craftsmen in Tlingsing Village, providing sustainable raw materials from Danliris’ cotton waste to create modern apparel.

PT. Efrata Retailindo (supported by PT. Dan Liris), also work closely with Jakarta Fashion Week, to aid young designers from the production process to distribution overseas. PT. Efrata Retailindo is committed to continuing to support local craftsmen, designers and brands to grow, compete and bring Indonesia’s name in the global market.